Waco Humane Society Recommendation Report

Download the report here. (.pdf)

This report demonstrates my strong writing, research, collaborative, and project management skills. The report is the culmination of a semester-long research project on the local non-profit organization, the Waco Humane Society. In this project, I worked in a team to conduct research on a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, identify an area of need or improvement for the organization, create a solution that addresses the area of need, and present the solution to the organization in a recommendation report.  Accompanying this report was an oral  presentation of our recommendation to Tim Molina, Adoption Manager, and Gina Ford, Volunteer Program Coordinator, of the WHS.

In this project, I was responsible for maintaining correspondence between my team and WHS and arranging meetings, interviews, and tours with WHS.  I was also responsible for making revisions to the report. For this report, I wrote the Cover Letter, Introduction, Results and Findings, and Discussion, and I edited the remaining sections, which were written by my group members. The design on the report was done by our group’s design manager, Jay Martin.

This report earned the Waco Humane Society a mini-grant of $250 to implement the course of action our team recommended for the organization. Our report was selected by faculty members from the Professional Writing Department at Baylor University and was funded by the Student Activities Department at Baylor University.