“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” –Jack Kerouac

Hello! I’m Ariadne Aberin. I am a professional writer with a love for fantasy novels, overcast days, and a great cup of coffee. Writing and reading have been my passions ever since I was young, and I was encouraged by my teachers to cultivate that passion and turn it into a career. I graduated in May 2013 with my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Great Texts of the Western Tradition (Literature). During my college career, I was fortunate to gain a wide breadth of writing experience through class writing projects with outside clients and internships at both local and university publications and publishing companies. I also gained further writing experience through the countless literature papers for my classes, as well as my Honors thesis on community literacy.

I continue to grow my writing experience by contributing to publications, maintaining my personal blog, and doing freelance editing, as well as consulting for web copy and web design. I love to write about a variety of topics including style/fashion, social issues, books, and film. In my spare time, I enjoy curling up on my couch with a great book and a cup of coffee, working out and taking dance workshops, and scoping out new places to eat! Food is pretty great.

Writing and reading are my passions, and it always brings me great pleasure when I can use my skills to help clients meet and surpass their goals. So take a look at my work, and see what I can bring to you or your company!