Literary Analyses

My literary analyses papers demonstrate my analytical reading, reasoning, and argumentative skills. My writing skills and thorough knowledge of various literary works is useful in writing an effective, informative, and persuasive literature review. These papers were done for my college literature classes, which include British Literature, Great Texts by Women, and Medieval Intellectual Tradition.  View my literary analyses.


Short Literary Essays

The essays demonstrate my ability to write cohesive, well-written, succinct papers and my ability to closely read and analyze a text in a limited time frame. My writing skills and experience writing short literary essays is useful in writing an effective, informative, and persuasive literature review. This section consists of short essay reviews for reading assignments for my Great Texts by Women course. View my essays.

Rhetorical Analyses

Through analyzing various websites and genres, I have developed an understanding of what rhetorical strategies will effectively help a document achieve its purpose. This section consists of rhetorical analyses for law firm websites and genre analyses. These rhetorical analyses were done for my college writing classes, namely Technical and Professional Writing and Writing for the Workplace, both of which emphasized a study and application of rhetorical strategy used in writing in professional settings. View my rhetorical analyses, and see what knowledge I can bring to your company!