Digital Narrative

I composed this digital narrative for my Advance Expository Writing class. It began as a written personal essay, and I then reworked it into a digital narrative. I wrote the narration and recorded and edited the sound using Audacity. I edited the video using Windows Movie Maker Live. The link to the video is below.


Waco Arts Initiative Website

Click on the links below to view each webpage (.pdf).

Link to the Waco Arts Initiative Website.

The Waco Arts Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aims to change children’s lives through a quality arts education. I worked with a group to create promotional material for WAI, including website content. WAI previously lacked a website and had only a blog, with important information interspersed and difficult to find. A website would prove a valuable promotional and informational tool for the organization. I wrote the following webpages:

Waco Arts Initiative Programs – This is a section I wrote because my team and I felt it was important to explain WAI’s programs in more detail. The section contains pages that provide information on the various art programs WAI offers. It was created for parents who want to get their children involved in WAI; potential or current donors, who can read about the difference they make in a child’s life through their donations; and prospective volunteers, who can see what kind of activities they may do with the children in the programs. The pages included in this section are below.

  • WAI Programs: The Visual Art Program – This webpage discusses the program curriculum and emphasizes WAI’s philosophy that art is life-changing. It was written for users who want to learn more about the visual art program, as well as for users who may have children they want to enroll in the program.
  • WAI Programs: The Music Program – This webpage discusses the curriculum for the music program and explains the sorts of benefits children get from a music education. The webpage was written for users who are interested in learning more about the music program, whether they are parents looking to enroll their child, prospective volunteers, or potential donors.
  • WAI Programs: The Theatre Program – This webpage discusses the theatre arts curriculum and explains how a theatre education teaches a child valuable life skills. This webpage was written for users who are interested in learning more about the theatre program, users who are interested in volunteering for the program, and users who may have children they want to enroll in the program.

Volunteer Information – This section is dedicated to providing detailed, thorough volunteer information. It includes basic information such as the dates and times for each program, volunteer responsibilities, and volunteer time commitments. For this section, I wrote a volunteer profile that contains reflections, from current volunteers, on their experiences at WAI. In addition, my teammates wrote up a questionnaire, and I wrote an accompanying template to leave to WAI, so volunteers could produce more of these profiles in the future. The pages are listed below.

  • Volunteer Profile – This webpage was written to give prospective volunteers a glimpse of what WAI volunteers do, from the point of view of current volunteers. These profiles are a helpful addition to the WAI website because it allows prospective volunteers to see what impact volunteers feel they are making on the children.
  • Volunteer Profile Questions – These questions were written as a starting step to writing the profile. These questions are centered on the volunteer’s experiences and view on how art can be life-changing.
  • Volunteer Profile Template – This template was written to accompany the questions, as a guide to writing the profile. Although a template for the profile is provided, each profile will still be unique because each volunteer is unique, and the profile should reflect the volunteer. This template simply serves as a guide to getting started.