Document Design

This section consists of various examples of my work in document design, which include brochures for the Professional Writing Department at Baylor University and flyers for the Filipino Students Association. Scroll down to browse through my document design pieces.

Filipino Students Association Flyer

I designed this flyer for the Baylor University Filipino Students Association to help advertise their annual Mabuhay Culture Show. The flyer is targeted toward a general audience and informs them of important details about the culture show. I chose to design the flyer using the Filipino flag to catch the reader’s attention, and to give the reader an idea of what the event will entail even before he/she reads the flyer. View the flyer here.

Waco Arts Initiative Brochure

I designed this brochure with a group for a project we did with the Waco Arts Initiative. In the project, my group and I created promotional material for WAI to help make the organization more recognizable. This brochure is targeted toward a general audience and gives an overview of WAI’s goals and activities. View the brochure here.