Starr, Abbott stump for financial freedom

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This article was written after attending a press conference in which Judge Ken Starr and Attorney General Greg Abbott discussed their financial literacy initiative. The article informs readers about the new resources Starr and Abbott are putting forth to educate students on financial responsibility. It also discusses the importance of making smart financial decisions.


Art scholarships, in short supply, get local boost

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I wrote this article because it addressed an issue that I could very much relate to. This article informs the reader about an art scholarship that began in a local art gallery, created because of the lack of art scholarships and opportunities for students. I wanted to shed light on this issue and inform readers of the importance of art, and the importance of having opportunities for students to pursue art.

Organization prepares to usher in ‘Year of the Rabbit’

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This article informs readers about Chinese New Year, held annually at Baylor University and hosted by Baylor’s Asian Students Association. I wrote this article to inform readers about the event. Chinese New Year at Baylor is not only enjoyable but also educational, and whether you are looking for a great time or want to learn about a new culture (or both), Chinese New Year at Baylor has something to offer you.